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 Steel Beams London

Steel is a very durable material that is very versatile as well. It can be used in a variety of applications, and steel is used throughout the world in various industries. That is why it's essential to have a reliable supplier, especially if you are working with steel on a daily basis. We are RSJ Steel Beam Suppliers for London and the UK.


We produce bespoke metalwork for domestic and commercial projects throughout LOndon. This includes gares, staircases and balustrades.

Steel Beams

We offer steel beams for any size project. We provide the highest quality steel beamns which are customised to your reccomendations.

Steel beams can be used in various applications, and since they are so strong, they are often used in construction projects. Steel beams can be made into various sizes, making them ideal for almost any project and they are easy to customise as well.

With steel being so effective and strong, it is very versatile and can be used almost anywhere. Whether you are working on a large scale construction project, or simply need a few steel beams for a personal project, it's important to make sure you use a reliable steel supplier for all your needs.

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Steel Beam Supplies

Steel Beam Supplies

Steel beams come in a variety of types and sizes. They can be made to your specifications, making them very versatile and durable. When it comes to steel beams, London Steel Fabricators pays attention to your needs, and we provide you with a customised solution for all your steel beams. We are experts in the industry, and we know the importance of having a reliable product for job-specific building project.

The Best Steel Beam Prices

We have a selection of steel beams available, and these products are designed to be compatible with your specifications. At London Steel Fabricators you are always guaranteed of quality service and affordable pricing, and we always provide a steal solution to your specific needs. We offer our products at the best prices.

We have a variety of Steel-types available, including universal, hollow, angled, mild, and other steel bars. We can also customise any steel product that you may need for your project. 

Our Universal Steel types include a variety of steel beams as well as columns. Whatever building project you are looking to undertake over we will have a steel beam solution for you. We list the variety of steel beam sizes online, but we can always create a custom solution for you.

In addition to a variety of steel beams and columns, we also specialise his steel works that can provide you with anything from a steel gate to a balustrade for your home. We also provide steel staircases which are ideal for any home or office building and gives your entire structure a brand new look.

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Structural Steel Uses

There are plenty of uses for structural steel, and they are often used in a variety of welding projects. Steel is very reliable and can easily be customised to your needs. Steel is often used in various buildings, to strengthen the entire structure, and offer the perfect building foundation for larger buildings. Steel is solid and durable, and the perfect solution for any construction project.

Structural Steel Uses

With so many different structural steel products available, you can ensure that you have all the steel here required for your project. We have various universal sizes possible for you, as well as steel plates the that are very convenient to use. We make steel plates in a variety of sizes that you can use for almost any construction project.

Structural steel is often used in various building structures common, but it can also be used in bridges and other steel structures. It is used for various Industries, and they're also different types of Steel available. Structural steel usually refers to a category of Steel that is specifically used in construction project due to its strength and versatility. it can be made into almost any profile and formed with specific methods to adhere to various quality standards.

Steel can be used in roads, railways, residential buildings, corporate buildings, and even skyscrapers and bridges. You can find steel in almost any construction project throughout the world, and it is ideal to reinforce existing buildings as well.

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Steel Girders

The Best Price For Steel Girders

A steel Girder refers to a type of steel beam that is used as a horizontal support for destruction. Girders are essentially beams but they are a specific being that is specifically used to support a steel structure. You can often find steel girders as a horizontal support inside a steel roof, which is commonly found in factories and other large structures.

Steel Columns and Girders

At London Steel Fabricators we offer the best price for steel girders, regardless of the size of the quantity you need. We can provide you with a bespoke solution for your steel girders, and our team is always available to answer any questions you may have. You're welcome to tell us what you will need your Steel girders for, and we can suggest the perfect solution and pricing for your needs. We supply Steel Columns and Girders along with other steel structure products to our customers throughout the UK, and we are considered to be a leader when it comes to steel supplies.

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Metal Beams At Any Size

Metal beams are ideal for a variety of projects, and they can be found throughout the world in various structures. They are ideal to use for any size construction project you may have, as they can be made to any size or any specification. A metal beam is also known as a steel beam, and it is also used for additional support in the steel structure.

Metal is a very strong material and as such can be found in various structures across the world. There are various types of beams available, and this includes the standard S-beam which is prevalent in construction. Structural beams help to you reinforce a specific structure of a building, and this can be anything from a small building like a house come out to a larger structure such as a bridge.

Types Of Steel Beams

There are different types of steel beams available, and this depends on your needs. Some of the popular games available include the I-beam, which is shaped like the letter I, as well as an H-beam which is heavier and longer than I-beams. 

You can also choose W-beams, which is similar to I-beams, but they are also referred to as wide flange beams. These are just some of the steel beams available when you are in the construction industry, and they are quite popular to work with. There also durable and strong which is why they are so popular.

Types Of Steel Beams
  • Universal Steel Types
  • Mild Steel Bars
  • Angled Types
  • Steel Plates
  • Hollow Section Types
  • Flange Channels Types
  • RSJ Beams

Steel Beam Calculator

When you are looking for steel beams, it's crucial to ensure that you choose not only the right type of being but also the right strength. This is why it's important to work with a professional team who can help you to find the right steel beam for your specific construction project. Tell us your requirements and we will use our steel beam calculator to get a price.

Whether you are busy with a DIY project at home or  part of a construction team our steel beam calculator will provide you with a price for the steel required in your project. If your require beams for a home extension or a large building projects such as a bridge, it is important to work with the right materials to ensure that you are successful when constructing a specific building or structure. 

Universal Beam Sizes

Steel beams are quite popular due to its strength and versatility. We offer a full range of universal beam sizes. It can be made into almost any shape, and this means that they can easily be customised for any construction project. At London Steel Fabricators we specialise in a variety of steel beams, and we are considered to be a leader when it comes to steel supplies. We can help you with almost any steel requirement you may have.

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